A Doctoral Thesis provides assessment instruments and an effective program aimed at emotional problems.

71142977_1332997530197070_6846913735160758272_oThe doctoral thesis entitled “Emotional problems in Spanish children: Evaluation strategies and efficacy of the transdiagnostic preventive protocol Super Skills for Life” has recently been defended at the Miguel Hernández University. The Doctoral Thesis, successfully defended by researcher Iván Fernández and directed by doctors Mireia Orgilés and José Pedro Espada, has been composed of six studies. The main objectives of these studies were the adaptation and validation of different scales of children’s emotional problems assessment and the analysis of the Super Skills for Life programme effectiveness to prevent the development of emotional psychopathology in children. This research contributes to the field of child and youth psychology by providing evaluation instruments and an effective prevention programme that can be useful both for research and clinical practice.

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