Parents’ educational styles are related to psychological problems in children


The Doctoral Thesis called “The role of parental educational styles on externalized and internalized psychological problems and adaptation in Colombian children from 8 to 12 years old” was recently defended by Jaime Moreno Méndez and headed by Dr. José Pedro Espada, from the UMH and Dr. Inmaculada Gómez, from the University…

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Doctoral Thesis highlights the importance of detecting emotional and behavioral problems to prevent adolescent suicide


The researcher Victoria Soto, from the AITANA group, has recently defended her doctoral thesis entitled “Interiorized and Exteriorized Symptomatology and its relationship with suicidal behaviour in adolescents” under the supervision of Dr José Antonio Piqueras. The Doctoral Thesis has been comprised of four studies aimed at evaluating internalised and externalised…

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Larissa Niec of the University of Michigan visits the UMH


Dr. Larissa N. Niec, Professor of Psychology and the Director of the Center for Children, Families, and Communities at Central Michigan University, visits Miguel Hernández University. During her stay at the UMH, she has given a seminar with the AITANA group about Parent-child interaction therapy (PCIT), which aims to strengthen the parent-child…

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