New monograph on prevention in children’s and youth mental health

presentacion rpcna prevencion

The Journal of Clinical Psychology with Children and Adolescents has just published a monographic issue entitled “Prevention in infantile-juvenile mental health”. The publication has been presented within the framework of the 5th International Congress on Clinical Psychology and Health with Children and Adolescents, which took place recently in Oviedo. The presentation was given by José Ramón Hevia, head of drug prevention plan in Asturias, Roberto Secades, specialist in prevention, and professors José Antonio Piqueras and José Pedro Espada, editors of the journal.

This special issue presents papers aimed at reducing mental problems in the population from infancy onwards. The publication highlights the progress made in the study of prevention in the field of child and youth mental health, giving visibility to the preventive approach.

This special issue contains a review of the predictor variables of cyberbulling, the evaluation of the PREVIO programme, a proven protocol aimed at the prevention of violence in young couples, the effectiveness of the SuperSkills For Life programme in Spain, a transdiagnosis programme for emotional problems aimed at school children, a rigorous study to evaluate a program based on mindfulness techniques for adolescents in transition to university, a work on prevention of behavior problems in schoolchildren, and another study on the role of impulsivity in the explanation and subsequent intervention in the area of addictive behaviors. It also includes a study focused on the prevention of gambling in young people, a review of suicide prevention programmes, a study on the applications of dramatic techniques in the prevention and treatment of mental disorders, especially eating disorders, and finally, an evaluation of programmes for improving coexistence at home. Click here to see the new issue.

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