Covid-19: AITANA will detect children in need of psychological help


The current situation of compulsory social isolation and fear of Covid-19 may be a risk factor for the increase of emotional problems in the child and youth population. In order to detect emotional symptoms in these populations, professors Mireia Orgilés and José Pedro Espada, members of the AITANA research group…

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Researchers of AITANA collaborate with PEARSON CLINICAL in the Spanish adaptation of BYI


Pearson Clinical and AITANA have collaborated in the Spanish adaptation of the Beck inventories for children and adolescents-2 (BYI-2). This instrument evaluates in a simple and brief way the psychological discomfort in children and adolescents. Each of the five questionnaires that comprise it consists of 20 statements about thoughts, feelings…

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Tesis sobre tabaquismo en adolescentes


Nuestra investigadora María Teresa Gonzálvez ha defendido satisfactoriamente su Tesis sobre adicción al tabaco en adolescentes. La Tesis Doctoral, titulada “Evaluación de un programa de prevención y tratamiento del tabaquismo en adolescentes“, ha sido dirigida por el profesor José Pedro Espada y la profesora Mireia Orgilés. La presente investigación se ha…

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