Parents’ educational styles are related to psychological problems in children


The Doctoral Thesis called “The role of parental educational styles on externalized and internalized psychological problems and adaptation in Colombian children from 8 to 12 years old” was recently defended by Jaime Moreno Méndez and headed by Dr. José Pedro Espada, from the UMH and Dr. Inmaculada Gómez, from the University…

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Spanish adaptation of the Children’s Hassles Scale

The Journal of Psychology with Children and Adolescents has published in its last issue the Spanish adaptation and validation of the self-report Children’s Hassles Scale (CHS). This instrument evaluates daily stress situations in children aged 10 to 12 years, related to greater externalizing and internalizing symptoms. The scale has demonstrated…

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El grupo AITANA apoya a SAVE THE CHILDREN en su programa de lucha contra la pobreza infantil en España


En España 1 de cada 3 niños vive en riesgo de pobreza y exclusión social. Comprometidos con el bienestar infantil, el grupo AITANA ha firmado un acuerdo con SAVE THE CHILDREN para que los asistentes al I Congreso Internacional de Psicología Clínica con Niños y Adolescentes puedan aportar al inscribirse…

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