Adolescents addicted to online gambling and betting are on the rise


Infocop has published an interview with José Pedro Espada, Professor of Psychology at the Miguel Hernández University, about the increase of minors addicted to gambling and betting. In this interview some causes are exposed that originate the appearance of this type of addictive conducts in teenagers, as well as the…

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Are programs effective in reducing the risk of sexually transmitted infections in adolescents?

This study aimed to assess the effectiveness of programmes in promoting healthy sexuality, reducing STIs and unplanned teenage pregnancies, and to analyse the moderators of their effectiveness. The results indicated that the interventions were effective in increasing knowledge, promoting attitudes towards sexual health, improving self-efficacy towards condom use, increasing intention…

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Tesis sobre tabaquismo en adolescentes


Nuestra investigadora María Teresa Gonzálvez ha defendido satisfactoriamente su Tesis sobre adicción al tabaco en adolescentes. La Tesis Doctoral, titulada “Evaluación de un programa de prevención y tratamiento del tabaquismo en adolescentes“, ha sido dirigida por el profesor José Pedro Espada y la profesora Mireia Orgilés. La presente investigación se ha…

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