Larissa Niec of the University of Michigan visits the UMH


Dr. Larissa N. Niec, Professor of Psychology and the Director of the Center for Children, Families, and Communities at Central Michigan University, visits Miguel Hernández University. During her stay at the UMH, she has given a seminar with the AITANA group about Parent-child interaction therapy (PCIT), which aims to strengthen the parent-child…

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New monograph on prevention in children’s and youth mental health

presentacion rpcna prevencion

The Journal of Clinical Psychology with Children and Adolescents has just published a monographic issue entitled “Prevention in infantile-juvenile mental health”. The publication has been presented within the framework of the 5th International Congress on Clinical Psychology and Health with Children and Adolescents, which took place recently in Oviedo. The…

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Adolescents addicted to online gambling and betting are on the rise


Infocop has published an interview with José Pedro Espada, Professor of Psychology at the Miguel Hernández University, about the increase of minors addicted to gambling and betting. In this interview some causes are exposed that originate the appearance of this type of addictive conducts in teenagers, as well as the…

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