Researchers of AITANA collaborate with PEARSON CLINICAL in the Spanish adaptation of BYI

BY-2Pearson Clinical and AITANA have collaborated in the Spanish adaptation of the Beck inventories for children and adolescents-2 (BYI-2). This instrument evaluates in a simple and brief way the psychological discomfort in children and adolescents. Each of the five questionnaires that comprise it consists of 20 statements about thoughts, feelings or behaviours related to emotional and social disorders in children and adolescents.

The Beck Depression Inventory for Children and Adolescents (BDI-Y) evaluates the negative thoughts of the child or adolescent about himself, his life and his future; feelings of sadness and physiological indications of depression. The anxiety inventory (BAI-Y) evaluates the fears and concerns of the child or adolescent as well as physical symptoms associated with anxiety. Beck’s anger inventory for children and adolescents (BANI-Y) evaluates the perception of receiving unfair treatment, negative thoughts about others, feelings of anger and physiological activation. The Disruptive Behavior Inventory (BDBI-Y) evaluates behaviours and attitudes associated with disruptive disorders, impulse control and behaviour. Finally, the self-concept inventory (BSCI-Y) evaluates the perception that the child or adolescent has of himself regarding competencies, strength and self-esteem. In the panel of Spanish advisors, Professor José Pedro Espada, main researcher of AITANA, participated. All the information about the test can be consulted in–inventarios-de-beck-para-ninos-y-adolescentes-2

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